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Growers from across the Cotton Belt continue to outbest their best with PhytoGen® cottonseed. The Best Yielder Club provides information on how you can maximize yield and profit potential with PhytoGen brand varieties. Join today to receive exclusive agronomic information and free gear from PhytoGen.

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As a member in the Best Yielder Club, we’ll send you information on how you can get even more from your PhytoGen cottonseed. You’ll have access to proprietary information to help you increase profit potential on your farm.

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The PhytoGen Best Yielder Club gives you a chance to hear about the experiences of other growers and learn from their production practices.

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Brandon Belch
“Each year PhytoGen brand cottonseed outperforms all other varieties. As a result, we plant the majority of our acreage in PhytoGen. It gives you a higher return on your investment.”
Brandon Belch
Best Yielder Club member
Conway, NC
“PhytoGen has high-quality cottonseed that produces high yields and excellent fiber quality, year after year.”
Geoff Toledo
Best Yielder Club member
Visalia, CA
“I've been growing PhytoGen cotton since they began and proud to say that this brand and company has become outstanding and competitive in the market place. PhytoGen varieties have the best vigor of any I’ve ever grown. Quality, yield and turnout surpasses all.”
Ken Hall
Best Yielder Club member
Poulan, GA
“It's been a long time since I've grown cotton and I grew 540 acres of PHY 333 WRF and PHY 312 WRF in 2016. I had a successful year with the PhytoGen varieties with exceptional yield and grade and plan to double my PhytoGen acres in 2017.”
Ray Crawford
Best Yielder Club member
Lambert, MS
William Dunlow
“PhytoGen cottonseed was the highest yielder on the farm last year. It’s always at the top, if not the best on the farm.”
William Dunlow
Best Yielder Club member
Gaston, NC
“PhytoGen has been the top yielder for the past three years on our farm. It never fails to impress us.”
Trevor Snyder
Best Yielder Club member
Capron, VA
“PhytoGen varieties come blowing out of the ground with excellent vigor. It has some of the best cotton varieties on the market. At the end of the day, it makes cotton with high yields.”
Doug Wolbrueck
Best Yielder Club member
Georgetown, TX
“PhytoGen has proven to be the consistent best yielder in my fields.”
Matt Hogue
Best Yielder Club member
Meadow, TX