To thrive in cotton, you’ve got to be tougher, smarter and flat-out better. That’s why PhytoGen® cottonseed delivers field-proven results for greater yields, industry-leading fiber quality and the most advanced breeding traits.

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Success starts, and grows, with your choice to use PhytoGen® cottonseed. With leading traits for insect and weed control, plus advanced PhytoGen Breeding Traits, PhytoGen brand varieties provide you more options, greater flexibility and the proven protection to thrive in any situation.

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What leading cotton growers say about phytogen

Ken Hall
“I have 100 percent confidence in the Enlist® weed control system. It did an excellent job cleaning up the field, and we had zero off-target drift.”
— Andy Shelton, Bolivar, TN
Payton Stegall
“PhytoGen Pima varieties are very consistent. They come out of the ground strong. The new varieties keep getting better and better.”
— Matt Palmer, Thatcher, AZ
Doug Scott
“PHY 480 W3FE was a home run. Our yield this year was nearly 4 bales per acre with loan values of almost 57 cents.”
— Zac McLemore, Cameron County, TX
Douglas Wilde
“I chose PhytoGen because of its reputation and capabilities. I want to get the most out of every bag of seed, and PhytoGen performs the best.”
— Daniel Haggitt, Eure, NC
Doug Scott
“PhytoGen varieties have good early season vigor. People are saying that the vigor of PhytoGen cottonseed is why the crop survived and a lot of people didn’t fail.”
— Ian McIntosh, Floyd County, TX
Douglas Wilde
“Whatever environmental conditions we get dealt, you can bank on a consistent variety with PhytoGen. Consistency is something we can hang our hat on.”
— Mike Griffin, Suffolk, VA


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