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PhytoGen Expands West Texas Portfolio

Newest additions deliver legendary early season vigor

PhytoGen announces the addition of three new cottonseed varieties specifically developed for the challenges faced by West Texas producers. With the addition of PhytoGen® brand PHY 223 WRF, PHY 243 WRF and PHY 308 WRF, growers now have access to the company’s largest early season portfolio to date.

“PhytoGen has long been recognized for its industry-leading yields and germplasm in many parts of the Cotton Belt,” says Hank King, U.S. leader for PhytoGen cottonseed. “We are very excited about these newest varieties that continue to demonstrate increased yield, improvements in fiber quality and higher return on investment for West Texas growers.”

The earlier-season varieties were advanced only after consistently meeting the high-yield, high-quality and early season vigor standards of the West Texas breeding program. These varieties offer improved storm tolerance and verticillium wilt tolerance to address the unique needs of growing cotton in West Texas.

“PhytoGen brand varieties are emerging on more cotton fields in the Southwest because we’re focused on the needs of growers in this geography,” King says.

“For example, all three of these new PhytoGen brand varieties have excellent early season vigor, stress and storm tolerance,” he says. “In addition to WideStrike and Roundup Ready Flex traits, these varieties have native traits that provide tolerance to verticillium wilt. Both PHY 223 WRF and PHY 243 WRF also have native resistance to bacterial blight.”

High, consistent yielders for the High Plains
The new early maturing variety PhytoGen® brand PHY 223 WRF performs best in dryland to moderate irrigation in the Lubbock area and northward. It provides very good storm tolerance, bacterial blight resistance, good verticillium wilt tolerance and exceptional fiber quality. Its medium plant stature also allows for easier plant growth management.

Broadly adaptable, PHY 243 WRF. is an early maturing variety that offers excellent verticillium wilt tolerance, bacterial blight resistance, very good yield stability, fiber quality and storm tolerance. Also bred in the West Texas High Plains, it performs well across dryland and under irrigation in the Lubbock area and northward. Its short to medium plant stature is easy to manage.

An early to midmaturing variety, PHY 308 WRF has very good verticillium wilt tolerance and fiber quality. Yield performance is best under dryland to moderate irrigation capacity from Dawson County, Texas, northward. Bred in the West Texas High Plains, it also has good storm tolerance.

Proven grower favorites of PhytoGen® cottonseed
These newest releases expand the portfolio of other popular PhytoGen brand varieties for West Texas growers: PHY 222 WRF, PHY 333 WRF and PHY 417 WRF.

With its storm tolerance, exceptional early season emergence and vigor, PHY 222 WRF is the earliest-maturing variety in the PhytoGen brand portfolio and one of many new favorites among Southwest growers. It also has proven performance in late-planting or replanting situations across West Texas.

PHY 333 WRF is an early to midmaturing variety that has premium fiber quality and very high yield potential in both dryland and irrigated environments.

PHY 417 WRF is the industry-leading root-knot nematode (RKN) resistant variety in Texas. Southwest growers are completing their lineup with PHY 417 WRF for its yield potential, fiber quality and unique fit on acres with RKN populations.

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