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Fourth-generation Farming Family Wins Kotton Kidz Photo Contest

Cotton Grower readers can submit photos and vote on favorites each month

The Otahal family of Corpus Christi, Texas, is the grand-prize winner of the 2014 Kotton Kidz Photo Contest, sponsored by PhytoGen, for Cotton Grower magazine. The family was recently awarded a custom Radio Flyer wagon, $500 in cash and a $1,000 donation to the Banquete, Texas FFA chapter on their behalf.

The annual photo contest asks readers of Cotton Grower to share photos of “the cutest kids in cotton.” To vote online for your favorite Kotton Kidz or to enter your own photo, visit

This year’s grand-prize photo featured the fourth generation of the Otahal farming family: cousins Hagen, 2; Addison, 2 months; and Clara, 2 weeks old, at the time of the photo entry. They are the grandchildren of second-generation Otahal family farmers Claude, Sydney and Ben, who began farming 40 years ago. Charles Otahal, great-grandfather of the children pictured, started farming in the 1940s. The photo depicts farming as a family affair.

“My father-in-law mentioned the contest and said we should enter,” says Amanda Otahal, Addison’s mom, who shot the winning photo. “There are three sons who farm, and their sons farm, too. So this is the fourth generation, and we thought it would be pretty neat to take a picture with all of them. We’re going to surprise their (great-) granny with the photos.”

The Otahal family farms several thousand acres in Texas and planted PhytoGen® brand PHY 333 WRF this year.

Each month, readers of Cotton Grower vote on which photo they think is best. Each monthly winner becomes a finalist for the grand prize, and a panel of judges chooses the grand-prize winner. Contest rules are available at

PhytoGen sales representative Josh Reider
awarded the children with their prize.

The grand-prize-winning photo of the Otahal

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