In a year marked by torrential rains at harvest, PhytoGen® brand varieties served as a silver lining for farmers in Virginia and the Carolinas.

“Yield-wise, it’s hard for us to complain, especially with the 333 and 444,” Les Babb says. “PHY 333 WRF was outstanding this year.”

In 2015, Babb planted PHY 333 WRF to about 200 acres and it averaged 2,017 lb./A. Across the farm, even with poor performance form a competitive variety, the Babbs averaged over 2 bales per acre. “I’m happy to get yields like that in a year like this,” Les Babb says.

Torrential rains in 2015 cost the Babbs a third of their peanut yield, and there’s no telling what they lost in their cotton, says Les Babb, who with this brother Bryan works a multigeneration farm in Windsor, Virginia, with their father, Jimmy, and sons, Jamie and Brendan.  

“PhytoGen has been consistent,” Jamie Babb says. “We know we can count on it to yield.”