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VIDEO: Using the Enlist Weed Control System in an Integrated Program

What are the recommendations for a weed control program with the Enlist weed control system that include Enlist Duo® herbicide? Watch now

TECH BULLETIN: Identify Race 4 FOV in California cotton and manage the damage done

Plant-killing fungus Race 4 FOV cannot be eradicated through known chemical or biological treatments or crop rotations — but it can be managed Read more

TECH BULLETIN: Defoliation techniques and timing maximize cotton yield and quality

PhytoGen explains how the TEAM approach to cotton defoliation — Timing, Environment, Application and Materials — delivers effective, efficient results Read more

TECH BULLETIN: MidSouth & Southeast - Know the signs that will tell you if it's time to replant cotton

Unique conditions in the Southwest will help you determine how your cotton will come back from soil crusting, hailstorms, sandblasting, seedling disease and more Read more

TECH BULLETIN: Identify potassium deficiency in cotton and steps to limit it

PhytoGen cotton development specialists can help with Premature Senescence Syndrome, which looks bad but is no reason to panic Read more