Early season vigor makes the difference

Mike Harris devotes a majority of his acres to PhytoGen because it delivers on the qualities he values most

One North Carolina grow prizes early season vigor so much — “That’s where your money is,” he says — that he plants PhytoGen® cottonseed on the majority of his acres.

“You need early vigor to get it up as fast as it can,” says Mike Harris of Roper, North Carolina.

“The main thing I like about PhytoGen is it gins out more cotton at the end of the year. That’s what we’re selling, pounds of lint.”

PhytoGen offers varieties that fit the different agronomic conditions of his farm, and he’s yielded as much as 1,700 pounds on good ground. Even average ground yielded surprising totals, Harris says.

“PHY 333 WRF will fool you,” he says. “I had a tough year where we didn’t think it would make 500 pounds, but when we got the yields back, it was more than 1,000 pounds of cotton. After that, I wanted to make sure my name was in the pot to get more the next year.”

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