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VIDEO: Using the Enlist Weed Control System in an Integrated Program

What are the recommendations for a weed control program with the Enlist weed control system that include Enlist Duo® herbicide? Watch now

Midsouth grower finds cotton profitable with strong PhytoGen® brand varieties

To thrive in cotton, farmer Trent Felton aims for high yields each year, and that means careful variety selection and diligent farm management from start to finish. Read more

VIDEO: Learn how Enlist™ cotton improves weed control with three herbicide tolerances

Enlist™ Field Sales Leader Jonathan Siebert, Ph.D., explains how the breakthrough technology of Enlist cotton can help growers manage and prevent weed resistance. Watch now

SUPER BOLLS: New Varieties bring high yields for Fresno County grower

Fresno County grower, Sean Howard, goes “all-in” with new PhytoGen varieties on his farm in 2016 with great results. Read more

TECH BULLETIN: Identify Race 4 FOV in California cotton and manage the damage done

Plant-killing fungus Race 4 FOV cannot be eradicated through known chemical or biological treatments or crop rotations — but it can be managed Read more

TECH BULLETIN: Mid-Atlantic - Learn how to trust a cotton stand or decide that it's time to replant

In the Mid-Atlantic region, several factors will indicate how your cotton will come back from soil crusting, hailstorms, sandblasting, seedling disease and more Read more

TECH BULLETIN: Defoliation techniques and timing maximize cotton yield and quality

PhytoGen explains how the TEAM approach to cotton defoliation — Timing, Environment, Application and Materials — delivers effective, efficient results Read more

PhytoGen brand varieties produce cotton that resists bacterial blight

The Enlist™ cotton trait and WideStrike® 3 Insect Protection help with yield potential by providing resistance to the disease causing defoliation and boll rot Read more

VIDEO: Meet the Challenges of West Texas with PhytoGen Cottonseed

West Texas growing conditions can be challenging for cotton growers. Why is PhytoGen cottonseed a good fit for growers in West Texas? Watch now

VIDEO: How PhytoGen Helps Growers Work Smarter with Technology, Native Traits

Cotton growers are always looking to increase production. How do trait technologies and native traits benefit cotton growers? Watch now

VIDEO: Why PhytoGen Offers Better Yield and Quality Potential

Cottonseed has the highest yield potential when it goes into the ground. Native traits and trait technologies from PhytoGen protect yield against pests, diseases and environmental stresses so you work Watch now

VIDEO: How to Succeed with the Enlist Weed Control System

Find out more about the benefits of Enlist Duo herbicide with Colex-D® technology. Watch now

VIDEO: Know the Buffers and Setbacks Required with Enlist Duo herbicide

Learn about the buffers and setbacks growers should follow when making Enlist Duo applications. Watch now

Growers impressed with PhytoGen® cottonseed that fights pests, disease

WideStrike® 3 Insect Protection and the Enlist™ cotton trait work together to protect yield and deliver high-quality with effective weed control Read more

PhytoGen® cotton dominates Midsouth trials in yield and quality

PhytoGen® brand varieties PHY 444 WRF, PHY 333 WRF and PHY 312 WRF rank among the standout performers in Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri OVTs. Read more

Management tips to help Mid-Atlantic cotton growers maximize profit

Let experience guide you through today’s numerous cottonseed choices and focus on yield potential, quality and easy management in the Mid-Atlantic region Read more

PhytoGen protects cotton yield and quality with advanced traits

Growers get more and better in-plant, native trait protection with PhytoGen® brand varieties. Fight bacterial blight, root-knot nematodes and verticillium wilt. Read more

Southeastern growers urged to seek consistent cotton

Georgia trials show PhytoGen® cotton consistently leads the competition year after year with yield, superb fiber length and micronaire often leading to premiums Read more

Rely upon experience to help maximize profit in the Southeast

Focus on yield potential and easy management in the Southeast when selecting cottonseed for your operation Read more

Enlist Duo® herbicide registered for Texas cotton growers

Texas growers gain flexibility and better weed control using PhytoGen® cottonseed with the Enlist™ trait Read more

In cotton, variety selection leads the way on the road to profit

Trial data show planting PhytoGen® cotton can produce high yields with consistency — and without giving up weed control Read more

PhytoGen® cotton performed in Texas despite roller coaster weather

Consistency helped cotton growers endure monsoons from the Rio Grande to the Red River and the Gulf Coast to central Texas Read more

Grow cotton premiums and profit from multiple data points

PhytoGen cotton development specialist Joel Faircloth recommends several varieties to help Mid-Atlantic growers achieve desired yields. Read more

Grower picks PhytoGen® brand variety for insect resistance, high yield

North Carolina cotton grower selects PhytoGen® cottonseed with WideStrike® 3 Insect Protection for even more advanced protection and earns highest yield Read more

Cotton varieties that help maximize profit for Southeast growers

PhytoGen® brand varieties offer cotton growers improved fiber properties with potentially high yield and quality premiums, plus easy management Read more

TECH BULLETIN: MidSouth & Southeast - Know the signs that will tell you if it's time to replant cotton

Unique conditions in the Southwest will help you determine how your cotton will come back from soil crusting, hailstorms, sandblasting, seedling disease and more Read more

Cotton Farmers Experience Benefits of the Enlist™ Weed Control System

Weed control, reduced drift and volatility top list of advantages Read more

Producers turn to PhytoGen W3FE varieties to thrive against weeds and pests

PhytoGen brand W3FE varieties with WideStrike® 3 Insect Protection and the Enlist™ cotton trait helps growers protect yield and fiber quality potential at harvest. Read more

Pennies for premium grades raise opportunity in Mid-Atlantic

PhytoGen cotton development specialist recommends growers watch the weather and not hurry to harvest so every opportunity to maximize profit remains available Read more

Midsouth growers finding higher profits with PhytoGen® cotton

PhytoGen® brand varieties PHY 444 WRF, PHY 333 WRF and PHY 312 WRF winning trials and delivering higher profits throughout the region Read more

Cotton growers will find prescription for profit in Midsouth fields

PhytoGen cotton development specialists urge growers to consider unique environments in each field when selecting varieties for the best yield and fiber quality Read more

Post-picking premium opportunities abound in Mid-Atlantic cotton

PhytoGen® brand varieties offer potential for the premium quality growers need to maximize profit Read more

PhytoGen strives for Acala-like quality in Mid-Atlantic Upland market

PhytoGen® brand variety PHY 444 WRF leads with unmatched staple, micronaire and strength in recent results Read more

In East Texas, a PhytoGen® brand variety succeeds under stress

PhytoGen® brand variety PHY 333 WRF leads the Corpus Christi Monster Trial for three straight years, including during wetter-than-normal seasons Read more

West Texas cotton grower embraces technology from PhytoGen

In Swisher County, PhytoGen brand varieties stand up against weed pressure and leave grower ‘very, very pleased’ with the performance Read more

PhytoGen® brand varieties form an ideal fit for Alabama producer

Dryland yields surpassed 2.5 bales per acre with variety featuring WideStrike® 3 Insect Protection and the Enlist™ cotton trait Read more

Alabama cotton gin sees a record-setting bale with PhytoGen® cotton

Jeff Jones of New Market, Alabama, can recite the quality grade from memory after seeing what PhytoGen® brand variety PHY 444 WRF yielded on his operation Read more

West Texas growers see 5-cent premiums with a PhytoGen® brand variety

South of Lubbock, it’s PhytoGen® brand variety PHY 444 WRF that has the growers talking about outstanding grades and exceptional premiums Read more

Cotton grower produces highest-ever yields with PhytoGen

Alabama man planting PhytoGen® brand variety PHY 444 WRF makes the cotton buyers take notice with Acala-type quality in the Southeastern U.S. Read more

PhytoGen® cotton delivers early season vigor for North Carolina grower

Mike Harris devotes a majority of his acres to PhytoGen because it delivers on the qualities he values most Read more

Look at the trials to thrive with West Texas cotton

Growers on the High Plains encouraged to look at recent PhytoGen on-farm trials to see what stands out in yield and quality for their location Read more

PhytoGen® brand variety delivers Acala-like quality in the Southeast

PHY 444 WRF ‘leading the charge’ for quality to the Upland market in terms of staple length, micronaire and strength as harvest results are compiled Read more

Bump up returns by picking a cotton that yields with good quality

Growers in the Southeast can benefit from a ‘double bonus’ when considering PhytoGen® brand variety PHY 444 WRF for their acres Read more

Helpful tips to determine the time to defoliate in the Southeast

Cotton growers who harvest on time and know the best time to defoliate stand a better chance to add pennies for premium on top of standard price Read more

SUPER BOLLS: Tulare grower consistently reaches top yields

Veteran cotton grower, Luke Bebereia had seen PHY 764 WRF perform well on neighboring farms before he planted it himself. It worked. "Every field we picked of 764 went over four bales," he says. Read more

TECH BULLETIN: MidSouth & Southeast - When to Trust a Stand, When to Replant

In the Midsouth and the Southeast, you have options to revive yield potential after soil crusting, hailstorms, sandblasting, seedling disease and more Read more

Texas farmer explains that Enlist Duo™ herbicide will help cotton growers control resistant weeds

Texas farmer Jon Whatley explains that Enlist Duo™ herbicide is another tool that will help cotton growers control glyphosate-resistant and hard-to-control weeds. Watch now

VIDEO: Virginia farmer shares his observations of near-zero volatility with Enlist Duo™ herbicide

Virginia farmer Mike Griffin shares his observations with near-zero volatility after applying Enlist Duo™ herbicide with Colex-D™ Technology to Enlist™ cotton. Watch now

VIDEO: Alabama farmer recalls how Enlist Duo™ herbicide stayed where it was applied

Alabama farmer Dale Armstrong recalls that Enlist Duo™ herbicide with Colex-D™ Technology remained on target in his Enlist™ cotton research plot. Watch now

Amid extreme Texas rain and heat, PhytoGen® cotton performs well

2015 growing season delivers drenching rain in Texas coastal regions, than swings to heat and drought for a year like no other cotton development specialist has seen Read more

North Carolina cotton grower watches PhytoGen excel among many types

David Barrett plants cotton from several different companies, but it was PhytoGen® brand variety PHY 333 WRF that stood out for vigor, hardiness, yield and quality Read more

Numerous lessons from 2015 can help Midsouth cotton growers

Shortly after harvest seasons is an ideal time to see what worked and assess plans for next year’s seed selection, say PhytoGen cotton development specialists Read more

Young cotton farmer learns lessons, appreciates his many helping hands

Nathan Lee has been farming since he was a teenager, and the experience learned from making his own decisions mixes well with help from PhytoGen representatives Read more

Longtime Texas cotton grower successfully experiments with PhytoGen

PhytoGen Horizon Network member Tony Varisco grew variety with WideStrike® 3 Insect Protection and the Enlist™ cotton trait in waterhemp-plagued Brazos Bottom Read more

TECH BULLETIN: Identify potassium deficiency in cotton and steps to limit it

PhytoGen cotton development specialists can help with Premature Senescence Syndrome, which looks bad but is no reason to panic Read more

Georgia cotton consultant steers customers to PhytoGen for premiums

Luke Johnson recommends four PhytoGen® brand varieties most often in southwest Georgia, and most comments he gets back about premiums focus on PhytoGen Read more

Mid-Atlantic cotton farmers saw a silver lining in 2015 with PhytoGen

PhytoGen® brand varieties PHY 333 WRF and PHY 444 WRF make it ‘hard for us to complain’ in Virginia and the Carolinas after torrential rains at harvest Read more

Growers in South Texas endure extreme weather with help from PhytoGen

A season of drenching rains followed by sizzling heat stressed 2015 cotton crops, but Marek family found respectable results with PhytoGen brand varieties Read more