Flat-out better

PhytoGen helps you work smarter and thrive in cotton through its high-performing cottonseed, unmatched cotton expertise and shared passion for cotton. With PhytoGen® cottonseed, you will outbest your best with greater yield and higher quality potential.

PhytoGen offers a diverse portfolio of Acala, Pima and Upland cotton varieties with differing maturities and agronomic characteristics to best suit every cotton-growing region. We offer varieties with the performance, genetics and traits you need for successful cotton production.

PhytoGen cottonseed provides what you need to be flat-out better every year, helping you get higher return on investment (ROI) and better profitability. Our varieties feature:

  • Top yield potential

  • Unrivaled fiber quality, including Acala, Pima and Acala-like Upland cotton varieties

  • Better profitability/ROI

  • Industry-leading emergence and seedling vigor

  • Trait technologies to help control insects and weeds

  • Native traits to help control diseases and pests

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Cottonseed you can count on

See how PhytoGen helps you thrive every season with unmatched science, expertise and dedication to cotton.

A history of success.

PhytoGen was founded in 1980 by the J.G. Boswell Company, a world-class cotton producer based in California.

While J.G. Boswell was developing cottonseed, Mycogen Seeds (an affiliate of Dow AgroSciences) was developing its own expertise in germplasm, cotton breeding and seed production. These two companies formed a joint venture in 1998 to offer the cotton industry the best of each.

Today, PhytoGen has become a leading cottonseed company, with a reputation of helping growers outbest their best and thrive in cotton. PhytoGen® brand varieties are consistently among the most-planted Upland cotton varieties, including the No. 1 most-planted Upland cotton varieties, and we are the market leader for Pima and Acala cotton varieties in the West.


Growers tell us they love PhytoGen® cottonseed for the top yield, unrivaled quality and higher return on investment.
“PhytoGen cottonseed was the highest yielder on the farm last year. It’s always at the top, if not the best on the farm.”
William Dunlow
Gaston, NC
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