“We use Enlist One and Enlist Duo on the farm because they work for us. And the vigor of PhytoGen cottonseed coming up is one of the most remarkable things about PhytoGen.”

— Chase Street, Claytonville, TX

“PhytoGen cottonseed helps us reach our yield goals by giving us an advantage over the reniform nematodes. We met our goals with something as simple as a variety change. That’s the real proof.”

— Drew Wendland, Autaugaville, AL

“On my farm, PhytoGen has beaten the competition. And it’s consistent — it’s going to yield and grade and make good cotton.”

— Josh Marek, Wharton County, TX

“I have some fields that never looked as good as they did the last two years with PhytoGen varieties. PhytoGen always had good varieties, but these new varieties are even better. More consistent — made for the way we farm in the Southeast.”

— Tommy Mathews, Grove Hill, AL

“The reniform-resistant varieties from PhytoGen have been a major game-changer. We have a better chance of becoming more sustainable for a better future now. You always hear cotton is king in West Texas. Thankfully, now it still is.”

— Stacy Smith, New Home, TX

“PhytoGen’s portfolio right now is the best out there and the best it has ever been. They have the ultimate package that really fits our farm.”

— Riley Davis, Terrell County, GA

“I would say the proof is the yield with PhytoGen varieties. I didn’t have trouble getting it up, and I’m able to keep the weeds under control with the Enlist system. I won’t change anything.”

— Ian McIntosh, Floydada, TX

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Success starts, and grows, with your choice to use PhytoGen® cottonseed. With leading traits for insect and weed control, plus advanced PhytoGen Breeding Traits, PhytoGen brand varieties provide you more options, greater flexibility and the proven protection to thrive in any situation.

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