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Texas Farmer First to Plant PhytoGen® Brand Variety With the Enlist® Cotton Trait

Newest technology in cottonseed expands yield protection options

PhytoGen announces the first commercially available cottonseed with the Enlist® cotton trait was recently planted near Danevang, Texas, in the upper Gulf Coast. Dean Hansen of El Campo, Texas, was the first producer in North America to plant PhytoGen® brand PHY 490 W3FE.

"I’m excited to be on the forefront of a new weed control system that will offer us an effective, alternative control of resistant weeds — in a variety that delivers the early season vigor, quality and yield that I’ve come to expect from PhytoGen," Hansen says.

In PhytoGen cottonseed, the Enlist trait builds upon the Roundup Ready® Flex system and provides tolerance to Enlist Duo® herbicide, a proprietary blend of new 2,4-D choline and glyphosate. The Enlist cotton trait also provides full tolerance to glufosinate. Enlist Duo with Colex-D® technology will be the only 2,4-D-containing product labeled for in-crop use with the Enlist cotton trait. Enlist Duo is not yet registered for use on cotton.

The new Enlist cotton trait will provide producers like Hansen additional herbicide options. PhytoGen brand varieties with the Enlist® cotton trait also feature the WideStrike® 3 Insect Protection trait, which provides more robust control of cotton bollworm and other lepidopteran pests. In addition to these attributes, PHY 490 W3FE also provides native resistance to bacterial blight.

Hansen closely evaluates cotton varieties for yield and fiber quality to determine which to plant on his farm. He says he’s also curious about forthcoming varieties from PhytoGen with the Enlist® cotton trait. He now plants a full portfolio of exclusively PhytoGen cottonseed after seeing that the varieties consistently deliver more pounds with better grades, for excellent return on investment.

"Quality counts," he says. "You have to go with quality when [cotton] prices are lower. It makes a lot of difference in the bottom line. We always want to put seed in the ground that’s going to grow and perform in whatever environmental conditions we face. PhytoGen has done that better than any other brand I’ve seen. Conditions don’t have to be perfect for it to grow and perform."

Hansen says the ability to have a varied herbicide program during the growing season also will help him realize the full potential of his seed investment. Hank King, U.S. leader for PhytoGen cottonseed, agrees.

"Bringing the Enlist cotton trait to the PhytoGen portfolio will help growers across the United States manage hard-to-control weeds and help deliver higher yield and fiber quality potential," King says.

"Whether it’s PHY 490 W3FE or other premier varieties from our portfolio, PhytoGen delivers the total package for today’s cotton grower," he says. "We will continue to focus on helping our grower customers achieve the highest possible ROI on their farms."

Newly created PhytoGen Horizon Network
PhytoGen also recently established an alliance of innovative and progressive cotton growers known as the PhytoGen Horizon Network. These producers are unified by their passion for growing quality, consistent, high-yielding PhytoGen® cottonseed. Hansen is among this elite group of producers who have the opportunity to plant PHY 490 W3FE in 2016.

"We are proud to partner with these PhytoGen Horizon Network growers from across the Cotton Belt, New Mexico to Virginia, who are leaders in the U.S. cotton industry," King says. "PhytoGen is excited to work closely with them to introduce our new herbicide-tolerant trait and to also continue partnering together in the future as we introduce other cotton technologies in our pipeline."

All cotton producers this year are advised to evaluate and consider planting PhytoGen brand varieties such as PhytoGen brand PHY 222 WRF, PHY 312 WRF, PHY 333 WRF, PHY 444 WRF and/or PHY 552 WRF. These pedigrees will be among the expanded portfolio of PhytoGen brand varieties with the Enlist cotton trait in 2017.

PhytoGen sales representatives and cotton development specialists are available to help growers choose a variety that’s right for their farms. For more information, call 800-258-3033 or visit

To learn more about the Enlist® weed control system, visit the YouTube channel, follow on Twitter at @EnlistOnline or visit

The first planting of PhytoGen® brand PHY 490 W3FE recently took place near Danevang, Texas, on Dean Hansen’s farm. Hansen is shown checking the seed depth behind the planter.

Dean Hansen, of El Campo, Texas, was the first producer in North America to plant PhytoGen® brand PHY 490 W3FE.

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