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PhytoGen® Cottonseed Raises Bar on High Yield Potential for 2022

INDIANAPOLIS, Dec. 9, 2021 — PhytoGen® cottonseed, the U.S. cottonseed brand of Corteva Agriscience, powers up for 2022 with its highest-yielding portfolio of Upland varieties. After consistently showing exponential yield increases in on-farm trials across the Cotton Belt, the company releases PhytoGen® brand PHY 411 W3FE.

“Yield” was the response from the U.S. Cotton Portfolio Manager for PhytoGen, Joel Faircloth, Ph.D., when asked why the PhytoGen team chose to advance the variety.

“This particular variety surpassed our high standards for yield, in addition to good fiber quality and our legendary early season vigor. In 2020 PhytoGen Upland breeder trials, PHY 411 W3FE outyielded all varieties by 50 lbs./A and beat the trial average by 150 lbs./A!1 Yes, the numbers were exactly 50 and 150 pounds,” Faircloth said.

With an increased concentration on yield, PhytoGen cottonseed has been gaining market share and is now the second-most-planted brand in the United States.

“PHY 411 W3FE sets a new bar on yield. In on-farm trials with the PhytoGen Horizon Network collaborators, it shows a yield superior to what the market currently offers today, and it carries all our PhytoGen Breeding Traits for advanced yield protection,” Faircloth said.

PhytoGen brand PHY 411 W3FE has a very broad area of adaptation and performs well throughout the Upland-growing regions. It carries the PhytoGen Breeding Traits for bacterial blight resistance, and both root-knot-nematode and reniform nematode resistance. PhytoGen W3FE varieties also provide growers with flexible and effective weed control options with tolerances to Enlist® herbicides, Liberty® herbicide (glufosinate) and glyphosate.

“After yield, one of the biggest advantages of PhytoGen W3FE varieties is better weed control that stays where it’s sprayed, thanks to the Enlist weed control system,” Faircloth said. “Plus, the Enlist system is more compatible with many other crops across the Cotton Belt, such as soybeans, peanuts and tobacco.”

This midseason option rounds out the portfolio of high-yield-potential varieties released last spring — PhytoGen® brand PHY 205 W3FE, PHY 332 W3FE, PHY 443 W3FE and PHY 545 W3FE. Those varieties will be commercially available in larger quantities in 2022 to help meet high demand across the Cotton Belt.

Faircloth said pending final performance data, the PhytoGen team may advance a couple of other varieties in early 2022. Growers are encouraged to contact their local sales team or go to for more information.

“Our breeding pipeline is robust, and we will continue adding high-yield-potential varieties to our already remarkable portfolio,” Faircloth said.

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1PhytoGen Upland Breeder Trials, Corteva Agriscience, 2020.

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