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PhytoGen® Brand Varieties Raise Standards for Yield and Quality

New 2016 varieties build on excellent genetics for high yield and exceptional quality

Growers sent a clear signal to cottonseed providers when they propelled another PhytoGen® brand variety toward the top of the 2015 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Cotton Varieties Planted report. In its introductory year, PhytoGen brand PHY 333 WRF joins PhytoGen brand PHY 499 WRF as one of the most-planted varieties in the United States.

“Growers responded to the university data that shows PHY 333 WRF provides maximum opportunity for profit by combining outstanding yield with excellent quality,” says Hank King, U.S. portfolio marketing leader for PhytoGen.

Official Variety Trials provide indications of future favorites

Leading Official Variety Trials (OVTs) across multiple regions and under varied growing conditions is the first step to becoming a grower favorite. PHY 499 WRF first led the way at the top of OVTs in multiple states; PHY 333 WRF and PhytoGen brand PHY 444 WRF followed in its footsteps.

Proof that growers watch the OVTs is evident in subsequent USDA Cotton Varieties Planted reports. PHY 499 WRF was the most-planted variety in 2012, 2013 and 2014, and the second most-planted variety in 2015. PHY 333 WRF made its debut in the 2015 USDA Cotton Varieties Planted report, coming in at No. 4.

New PhytoGen® brand varieties follow OVT path

“In addition to having two varieties among the most planted in 2015, we’re really excited to offer several innovative varieties in 2016 with exceptional fiber packages,” King says. “One breeding goal for PhytoGen brand varieties has been to bring Acala-like quality to the Upland market, and that is now being realized.”

PHY 444 WRF is a midmaturing, smooth-leaf variety with exceptional fiber quality characteristics, including exceptional length, lower micronaire and great strength.

“PHY 444 WRF delivers high yield and is especially noted for long staple,” King says. “Growers will see that it stays in the bur well, yet picks clean.”

Additional new varieties meet grower needs for high yield and quality performance in an early season variety or in a nematode-resistant variety. PhytoGen® brand PHY 312 WRF and PhytoGen brand PHY 487 WRF answer those needs.

For early maturity, PHY 312 WRF offers superior yield potential with excellent fiber quality. Growers who plant PHY 312 WRF will learn to expect long staple and lower micronaire.

Growers who have fields with root-knot nematode (RKN) pressure should closely consider PHY 487 WRF, a midmaturing variety that answers the need for nematode resistance coupled with superior yield potential. Field trials show RKN populations decrease between planting and harvest when a field is planted to PHY 487 WRF or a predecessor, PhytoGen brand PHY 427 WRF or PhytoGen brand PHY 417 WRF. With high yield potential regardless of RKN pressure, PHY 487 WRF offers a flexible planting option, with greater flexibility on or off the RKN acre.

PhytoGen sales representatives and cotton development specialists are available to help growers choose a variety that’s right for their farms. For more information, call 800-258-3033 or visit

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