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PhytoGen® brand PHY 333 WRF leads multiple state trials

Seed available across the Cotton Belt for early to midmaturing variety

One of this year’s most anticipated new varieties from PhytoGen® cottonseed is demonstrating broad adaptability and outstanding yield potential in 2014 Official Variety Trials (OVT) across the Cotton Belt. PhytoGen® brand PHY 333 WRF, an early to midmaturing variety, is showing consistently high rankings for yield and lint quality. 

“Year after year, the data are showing that PHY 333 WRF is a broadly adaptable variety that can be planted on most acres with great success,” says Chris Main, Ph.D., PhytoGen cotton development specialist. “The earlier-maturing PHY 333 WRF, with outstanding yield and an excellent fiber quality package, is a perfect complement to the midmaturing PHY 499 WRF, the No. 1 planted upland variety for three years running.”

State OVTs provide cotton growers with valuable insight into how seed varieties will perform under different conditions, such as soil types, irrigation practices and weather factors. Because yields can vary from year to year, agronomists generally recommend that growers evaluate OVT performance over multiple years to gauge consistency.

“333 has blown everything out of the water,” says Bob Sammons, of Sammons Crop Protection Services in Hardeman County, Tennessee. “It’s going to be a good one for us.”

In Tennessee OVTs last year, PHY 333 WRF delivered the highest yield. It also ranked first among competitive offerings across the northern Delta’s head-to-head OVT averages, showing a $44-per-acre yield advantage over the next competitive offering.

Elsewhere in the Midsouth, PHY 333 WRF ranked second for two-year yield averages (2013 and 2014) in Louisiana State and Mississippi State university OVTs, behind only PhytoGen brand 312 WRF, which is available in limited quantities this year.

In the Southeast and MidAtlantic, the two-year yield average for PHY 333 WRF topped dryland early maturity tests at four OVT locations in Georgia. In 2014, it also was in the top five in full maturity variety tests. It ranked second in lint yield overall in Virginia Polytechnic University OVTs — behind only PhytoGen brand PHY 444 WRF — and led the North Carolina State University OVTs winning in four of six locations.

For maximum profit opportunity, PhytoGen brand PHY 333 is one of the varieties growers should look to, says Russell Nuti, Ph.D., PhytoGen cotton development specialist.  It ranks first at all five Auburn OVT locations on a three-year average and is the two-year commercial leader in the Florida OVTs.

“The quality with this variety is even higher than what we’ve had in the past,” Nuti says. “Look to 333 and several other varieties coming in 2016 for consistently improved fiber properties, including micronaire, fiber length and strength.”

In Texas Extension RACE Trials PHY 333 WRF ranked first across two distinctly different growing regions: Central Texas Blacklands and the Upper Gulf Coast. In addition, PHY 499 WRF and PHY 333 WRF ranked first and second across the Lower  Gulf Coast RACE Trials.

“For the past three years in South and Central Texas, PHY 499 WRF has earned a reputation as a consistent performer,” says Robert Lemon, Ph.D., PhytoGen cotton development specialist. “Because PHY 333 WRF matures earlier, it’s going to be an excellent complement to PHY 499 WRF to help growers balance out their acres. We’re really excited about the future of 333 across our area.”

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