By age 32, Nathan Lee had already been farming for 14 years. The Tallulah, Louisiana, farmer learned his lessons through trial, error and research to find how cotton works best for him.

“I’m putting cotton on my worst soil and it works,” Lee says. “Cotton is a tough crop. I used to put cotton on my best soils, but cotton is a lot more forgiving.”

Lee appreciates the people who stick with him as a younger farmer. In particular, he values his PhytoGen Sales Representative Kyle Fadal and Cotton Development Specialist Brooks Blanche, Ph.D.

“I couldn’t ask for better when working with Kyle Fadal and Brooks Blanche,” he says. “There’s not been a time when I’ve had a question they didn’t answer. One of my favorite times is when we get together and decide the varieties I should plant. We consider the soils, look at how it performed for us in the past and I also always consider a new variety to try on a smaller scale.

Lee says he has planted PhytoGen® cottonseed for the last five years and has had success with multiple PhytoGen brand varieties, including PHY 499 WRF, PHY 495 W3RF, PHY 312 WRF and PHY 333 WRF.