Luke Johnson recommends PhytoGen® cottonseed to his customers in southwest Georgia for one simple reason: it’s his job to offer his growers the greatest opportunity to make a profit.

“Every pound counts and you have to get every pound you can,” Johnson says.

For 2015, Johnson most frequently recommended four PhytoGen brand varieties — PHY 333 WRF, PHY 499 WRF, PHY 339 WRF and PHY 427 WRF. In recent years, Johnson reports recommending PHY 499 WRF more than any other variety based on Official Variety Trial (OVT) data from the University of Georgia and field experience.

“It’s hard to argue with (University of Georgia) results,” Johnson says.

He also heard several reports about premium checks.

“I got a lot more comments back from guys who got premiums,” Johnson says. “I heard the most about premiums on PhytoGen varieties.”