Jeff Jones rattles off the quality grade for a bale of PhytoGen® brand variety PHY 444 WRF from memory. “21-2 41,” says Jones, of New Market, Alabama.

That’s a 21 color, 2 leaf and 41 staple for those unfamiliar with those numbers on a cotton bale. Jones and the North Alabama Gin in Hazel Green saw them in 2015.

“The gin never had a bale like that,” Jones says.

Jones planted PHY 444 WRF on 100 acres that year, and the quality average was 31-2 and 40. “More like 40.5,” he says.

“There was a lot of long staple even though we had a lot of hot, dry weather in July,” Jones says.

PhytoGen Sales Representative Kerry Saylors asked Jones to try growing cotton one year, so he did. By 2015, Jone was planting cotton exclusively.

“I’ve just had really good success with PhytoGen,” Jones says. “It’s a really strong cotton, and the varieties just keep getting better and better.”