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Maximizing fiber quality

Dr. Robert Lemon, PhytoGen cotton development specialist, talks about the importance of fiber quality to the U.S. cotton producer and explains how PhytoGen® brand varieties help maximize fiber quality Watch now

Evaluating variety performance with PhytoGen CDS Russell Nuti on Southeast AgNet

Russell Nuti, PhytoGen cotton development specialist, discusses the performance of PHY 444 WRF during the 2017 season and the importance of the Enlist™ weed control system for cotton growers. Watch now

PhytoGen CDS talks performance of PhytoGen cottonseed on the Texas High Plains

Interview aired December 15, 2017. Ken Lege, PhytoGen cotton development specialist, talks with Chad Hasty on The Chad Hasty Show, 790 KFYO-Lubbock, Texas. Watch now

Tennessee grower banks on the consistency of PhytoGen® cottonseed

Tennessee cotton producer Jay Beaird says PhytoGen® cottonseed gives him industry-leading early season vigor and consistent performance that he counts on: “PhytoGen has never let me down on any farm." Read more