Several varieties promise high yield potential for Southeast growers

PhytoGen® brand varieties offer cotton growers improved fiber properties with potentially high yield and quality premiums, plus easy management

Variety selection marks the first stop on the road to profit in cotton. And PhytoGen offers a few varieties that hold unique promise for cotton growers in the Southeast.

PhytoGen® brand varieties that stand out for Southeast cotton growers are:

  • PHY 333 WRF
  • PHY 339 WRF
  • PHY 444 WRF
  • PHY 575 WRF

These selections from PhytoGen offer high yield potential, require less intensive management than some competitors and come with expected quality premiums.

“The quality with these varieties is even higher than what we’ve had in the past,” says Dr. Russell Nuti, PhytoGen cotton development specialist. “Look to these four varieties in particular for consistently improved fiber properties, including micronaire, fiber length and strength.”

PhytoGen cotton development specialists suggest growers rely on their experience when choosing varieties. The focus for cottonseed remains yield potential and quality characteristics.

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