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PhytoGen Innovation Plots help West Texas grower find the best cottonseed for his operation

In Swisher County, PhytoGen brand varieties stand up against weed pressure and leave grower ‘very, very pleased’ with the performance

For West Texas cotton grower Mike Goss, embracing new technology in PhytoGen® cottonseed has produced tremendous results.

“The seed vigor is great, and the yield and quality are both very good,” Goss says. “I am very, very pleased so far.”

Goss grew PhytoGen brand varieties PHY 333 WRF and PHY 312 WRF for two consecutive seasons on his 2,350 acres in Swisher County. Prior to dedicating his acreage to PhytoGen, he took part in PhytoGen Innovation Plots to determine which varieties — PhytoGen or otherwise — were best for his farm.

Goss saw yields of 3 to 3.5 bales per acre with PhytoGen cottonseed.

“PhytoGen seems to fit more broad spectrum and is producing better yields, even on my historically less-productive acres,” Goss says.

Like many West Texas producers, weed control presents an issue that must be handled for Goss.

“A lot of people have pulled their cotton acres back because of weed pressure,” Goss says. “Our weed pressure is there, but it isn’t as bad as some cotton-on-cotton acres. We have a good rotation, and we’ve found a good rhythm with our rotation and irrigation.”

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