In Alabama, cotton producer Dale Armstrong credits PhytoGen® brand varieties and ideal conditions for his 2016 dryland yields that surpassed 2.5 bales per acre.

“We are very pleased with the yields. We experienced dry weather during early season, followed by timely rains during the summer. Everything weatherwise lined up perfectly for us, and an extremely dry fall made for ideal harvest conditions,” Armstrong says.

Armstrong used his standing as a member of the PhytoGen Horizon Network to get access to PhytoGen brand variety PHY 490 W3FE, which contains both WideStrike® 3 Insect Protection and the Enlist cotton trait. He liked what he saw with it in 2016 — averaging 1,325 lb./A of lint and with fiber quality that exceeded his expectations.

“Quality was above average with a 56.5-cent loan value, staple length of 36, micronaire of 4.7 and strength averaging a little better than 34,” Armstrong says.

Armstrong plans to transition into Enlist varieties where he sees a fit, specifically in those areas with extreme pigweed pressure. However, he also saw success with another PhytoGen brand variety.

“PHY 444 WRF also performed well for us in 2016.” Armstrong says. “Our average loan value was 58 cents.”