The 2015 harvest season offered important lessons for Midsouth cotton growers, and PhytoGen Cotton Development Specialists Brooks Blanche, Ph.D., and Chris Main, Ph.D., say the year holds any insights for future approaches.

“This year we were able to get a couple weeks of upper 90s and some long, dry spells that shortened up the growing season, especially since cotton likes it when it’s hot and dry,” Main says. “It accelerated the crop finishing up for the year.”

Preliminary yield data was impressive for PhytoGen® brand varieties, Blanche says.

“Early reports indicate PhytoGen brand PHY 444 WRF, PHY 333 WRF and PHY 312 WRF are winning trials in the South Delta,” Blanche says. “Overall, we’re seeing very strong yields, good staple and lower mic from these varieites.”

Main says reviewing reports like this, shortly after harvest season, is the time for growers to begin thinking of next year’s seed selection.

Photo courtesy Cotton Grower magazine.