David Barrett plants cottonseed from multiple companies in North Carolina, but results with PhytoGen® brand varieties in 2014 delivered 2-cent-per-pound premiums that certainly helped his bottom line.

Barrett started planting PhytoGen cottonseed about 10 years ago on the fourth-generation family farm he manages on the Occoneechee Neck in North Carolina. Recently he’s planted PhytoGen brand varieties PHY 333 WRF, PHY 339 WRF, PHY 499 WRF and PHY 495 W3RF. But it’s the results with PHY 333 WRF in 2014 that stood out.

Barrett spoke highly of PHY 333 WRF for the following qualities:

  • “Excellent stand,” Barrett says. “That’s true on all PhytoGen.”
  • In both 2014 and 2015, Barrett says, “It did the exact same thing. It came up and started growing, and nothing stressed it.”
  • At just over 1,500 lb./A, PHY 333 WRF produced more cotton in 2014 than any other competitor on his farm, averaging 200 more pounds per acre from the closest competitive variety and slightly more than PHY 499 WRF, the previous yield leader on the farm.
  • PHY 333 WRF responds well to plant growth regulator applications. “It can get a little aggressive, but it responds very well,” Barrett says.
  • Fiber quality. Barrett says, “You could hold it in your hand and feel the difference.”