For Midsouth growers, maximizing profit starts with a prescription approach to variety selection. Consider each field’s unique environment and plant the variety that provides the best yield and fiber quality for that situation.

PhytoGen Cotton Development Specialists Brooks Blanche, Ph.D., and Chris Main, Ph.D., cite PhytoGen® brand varieties PHY 333 WRF and PHY 312 WRF as good candidates for high-production fields such as silt loam soils with good irrigation. These complementary early season varieties push inputs for maximum yield and fiber quality.

“The sweet spot for these varieties is the highly productive, heavily managed, irrigated acre with lighter-texture soils where growers are pushing for top-end yields,” says Blanche, whose territory includes Mississippi, Louisiana and southeastern Arkansas. “That’s where these varieties stand out with excellent yield and fiber quality, including a half-point lower micronaire than PhytoGen brand PHY 499 WRF.”

Growers looking to go further in their prescription approach should consider PHY 333 WRF, which Blanche says responds positively to higher rates of nitrogen for maximum yields. He also notes PHY 312 WRF features partial resistance to bacterial blight.