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Maximizing profit requires a simple management focus

Focus on yield potential and easy management in the Southeast when selecting cottonseed for your operation

Cotton growers face so many choices today, so experience must guide selecting the cottonseed that holds the most promise for consistent yield and ease of management.

PhytoGen cotton development specialists Dr. Steve Brown and Dr. Russell Nuti encourage cotton growers to keep three things in mind when selecting cottonseed:

  • Solid variety selection — Yield across multiple years, various places and different environmental conditions proves consistency. Quality conducive to premiums pumps up profit.
  • Timely management — Timeliness maximizes efficiency of every input dollar spent, Brown says. Planting too early can create more work later. Let the soil warm up to the seedling is more likely to grow quickly. And because weeds reduce potential, don’t let them get tall.

“Delaying herbicides is definitely not a good thing,” Nuti says.

  • Evaluate inputs — Nitrogen rates often can be lower, but potassium likely cannot, Brown says. One other area to consider trimming is seeding rate, as low as 2 seed per foot. Make sure you are comfortable with it in your soil types and your planting conditions, Nuti says.
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