Cotton growers face so many choices today, so experience must guide selecting the cottonseed that holds the most promise for yield, quality and ease of management.

PhytoGen® brand variety PHY 499 WRF can grow without excessive inputs, and growers can manage it with average rates of nitrogen and use average seeding rates, says Dr. Joel Faircloth, PhytoGen cotton development specialist.

Also, no matter what herbicide program a cotton grower uses, timely weed management is essential.

“For all varieties, growers who spray herbicides timely will save money,” Faircloth says. “It costs more to try to clean up fields with large Palmer amaranth later.”

Treat insect management the same way. Scouting for insects and knowing which ones are in which fields — and whether they’ve breached thresholds — will save cotton growers from spending money on needless inputs.