Make this season your next Day One

Read more about how PhytoGen® cottonseed helps producers get more from their cotton acres with high-yielding varieties loaded with built-in yield protection from common Cotton Belt pests.

One day and Day One. The words are the same, but the order conveys completely different meanings. “One day” looks to the future and dreams of what might happen. “Day One” signals the start of something new, a decision to turn those dreams into realities.

Making the switch to PhytoGen® brand varieties is the Day One that opens the door for new possibilities. Producers often come to PhytoGen looking to solve a specific problem only to find out the varieties deliver even more than expected. 

“Growers have repeatedly told us that they initially planted PhytoGen cottonseed because they were interested in overcoming a certain challenge on their farm, such as high nematode populations or difficult-to-control weeds,” said Joel Faircloth, Ph.D., PhytoGen U.S. cotton portfolio manager. “They soon learn that PhytoGen brand varieties help with their initial concern, but also provide a number of other benefits that increase yield potential and consistency.”

What’s the key to consistent, high yield potential? A portfolio of diverse varieties stacked with yield protection traits to help growers overcome regional challenges.

Planting the right variety on the right acre is crucial to success. PhytoGen® cottonseed has a broad portfolio of maturities to choose from: a core of high-performing, midseason varieties flanked by some of the earliest and latest maturities on the market. And all PhytoGen brand varieties come with industry-leading early season vigor to start the season strong — setting the trajectory for a successful crop. 

“Growers need varieties that fit their farm and will come out of the ground with vigor. That lays the foundation for a winning season,” Faircloth said. “We can help growers plant the right varieties to fit their unique situations — products that are going to push the farm to new possibilities.”

Each season comes with different challenges. Whether growers’ acres experience nematodes, disease, weeds or weather, PhytoGen® W3FE varieties have built-in traits to protect yield potential from Day One to harvest. PhytoGen Breeding Traits are native traits that provide protection against common yield-robbing pests. The newest PhytoGen brand varieties have built-in resistance to root-knot and reniform nematodes, protecting roots for better water and nutrient uptake.

In addition to nematode protection, all PhytoGen W3FE varieties comes with bacterial blight resistance. Bacterial blight isn’t always a problem, but it was on many acres in 2023. With PhytoGen W3FE varieties, bacterial blight is one less thing to impact yield potential, giving growers peace of mind.

PhytoGen W3FE varieties also come with built-in traits to help manage weeds and insects. The Enlist® weed control system offers easier weed management and is an especially good fit for producers who also grow peanuts, soybeans or other compatible crops. WideStrike® 3 Insect Protection protects bolls against common lepidopteran pests so early boll sets can produce high fiber quality and yield potential.

Harvesting a field of high-yielding cotton is every grower’s end goal, and the PhytoGen team is committed to working with producers to elevate their on-farm success. PhytoGen cotton experts have the knowledge to help growers choose the right varieties at planting and provide variety-specific management advice throughout the year.

“At PhytoGen, our commitment to cotton growers is we have the products and support to help them from Day One,” Faircloth said. “And with our unique yield protection traits, we help growers mitigate risk, maximize yield potential and propel production to a new level.”


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