Longtime Texas farmer grows PhytoGen® cottonseed with the Enlist™ cotton trait

PhytoGen Horizon Network member Tony Varisco grew variety with WideStrike® 3 Insect Protection and the Enlist™ cotton trait in waterhemp-plagued Brazos Bottom

Tony Varisco stands for 45 years of experience farming and raising cattle in the Steele Store community near Bryan, Texas. He also is a member of the select group of cotton growers that make up the PhytoGen Horizon Network.

Recently, Varisco planted PhytoGen® brand varieties PHY 444 WRF and PHY 499 WRF. As a PhytoGen Horizon Network member, Varisco also commercially grew PhytoGen brand variety PHY 490 W3FE, the first variety with both WideStrike® 3 Insect Protection and the Enlist cotton trait.

“I liked the 490,” Varisco says. “We were headed to four bales with both 490 and 444 before the onslaught of rains at the end of August, but we still averaged nearly three bales per acre.”

Farmland in the Brazos Bottom is primarily irrigated and consists of marvelous silt loam soils known as the Westwood series. It is also notoriously plagued with glyphosate-resistant waterhemp. Varisco takes a solid, soil-applied, layered approach to his herbicide program, but he wanted to grow PHY 490 W3FE.

Varisco reports PHY 490 W3FE performed similarly to PHY 499 WRF throughout the growing season and settled in late in the season.

“The emergence was outstanding,” Varisco says. “That gave it a jump start, but the bottom line is what you get for your cotton. We got a lot of added value with PhytoGen.”

Varisco reported that he averaged $0.559 loan value on PHY 490 W3FE and an outstanding $0.567 loan value on his PHY 444 WRF.

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