I’ve preached my entire career that when selecting varieties, consistency is the most important aspect to evaluate. The present lineup of early and mid-maturity PhytoGen® brand varieties provide optimal solutions for your differing farm environments, and deliver the high level of consistency you need.

A consultant buddy of mine told me PhytoGen brand varieties do exceptionally well on the best ground. And on tough farms, they still perform, so the overall farm average is taken to a much higher level. Numerous Texas cotton growers reached their highest historical farmstead average yield. That’s how you measure consistency.

For 2014 through 2016, PHY 333 WRF performed as our workhorse variety, and it continues to be at the top. Extension and on-farm trials prove it. And despite 2015 and 2016 being, let’s say odd, we know PHY 333 WRF handles stress and still makes high yields and premium fiber.

As you develop your variety plan, PHY 333 WRF as the base, and incorporate PHY 312 WRF and PHY 444 WRF for the balance of the farm.