Find consistent high yield in trial data to maximize profit

Trial data show planting PhytoGen® cotton can produce high yields with consistency — and without giving up weed control

Your chance to maximize profit comes from getting the most yield and price you can, while minimizing inputs. Your first step in this process is choosing the right variety.

“Choose the highest-yielding, most consistent variety possible and manage it according to the traits you purchased,” says Dr. Joel Faircloth, PhytoGen cotton development specialist. “With PhytoGen brand varieties, you don’t have to give up yield to achieve good weed control.”

PhytoGen® brand varieties offer maximum return on profit because:

  • Yield potential is high.
  • Management requirements are less intensive than some competitive brands.

Trial data shows you what will work. Seek out varieties with consistent performance across the years and under various stresses. Consistent high yield is your priority. Also review third-party trial data, Official Variety Trials from land-grant universities, both small and large plot, plus on-farm trials.

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