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December 19, 2019 - Wrapping up 2019 and looking to 2020 with PHY 400 W3FE and  PHY 500 W3FE

As we finish up the harvest season of 2019 and central and east Georgia, we review the two newly released PhytoGen varieties with a virtual field tour.

As we near Christmas 2019 in central and east Georgia, it appears we'll not only be wrapping presents, but also putting a wrap on cotton harvest. Rain has set in sporadically over the past few weeks, delaying later-planted cotton, however conditions have still been favorable to finish up before the New Year arrives. Growers have been very pleased with yield results in areas not overly impacted by the droughty conditions, although some late dusted-in acres struggled to get going with little rainfall until the end of the growing season. 

As trial data and gin sheets come in, PhytoGen really shined on dryland acreage in 2019. PhytoGen® brand PHY 480 W3FE demonstrated its ability to produce strong yields under drought stressed environments. When placed in an area heavily infested by root-knot nematode, the dual-gene resistance provided season long protection, allowing the plant to quickly recover once rain moved in late season. PhytoGen brand PHY 480 W3FE responds to lower nitrogen rates at reduced plant populations. With cotton prices still sitting around 65 cents, this variety will be one to really consider for 2020 to find the best return on investment. 

Two other PhytoGen varieties that have really performed well in multiple environments, are experimentals PX 3B07 and PX 5D28. Just last week, these varieties were announced to be released commercially in 2020 with PX 3B07 now being named PHY 400 W3FE and PX 5D28 now PHY 500 W3FE. Both varieties are resistant to root-knot nematode and bacterial blight, along with containing the Enlist® and WideStrike® 3 Insect Protection trait platforms.

PhytoGen brand PHY 400 W3FE is a midmaturing racehorse variety, but is extremely easy to manage with a short-to-medium plant height. This variety has elite emergence and early season vigor, demonstrated by winning the featured trial from Surrency, GA, which was a very tough dryland plot in 2019. PhytoGen brand PHY 400 W3FE fits irrigated and average to above average dryland acres. 

PhytoGen® brand PHY 500 W3FE is a mid-to-full maturing variety, which closely resembles competitor DP 1646 B2XF. While PHY 500 W3FE has consistently proven to carry the greatest loan value throughout trials in 2019, its fiber quality is very similar to its competition. It is an aggressive grower like its competitor, but has elite early season vigor, WideStrike 3 Insect Protection, and dual-gene resistance to root-knot nematode. In side-by-sides with DP 1646 and managed as such, it consistently equals or beats the competitor in yield, with its biggest win coming from the classing office. Growers who liked PHY 499 WRF from the past will be very happy with new PHY 500 W3FE.

For more information about cotton production practices in your area, contact your state Extension cotton specialist. As always, your PhytoGen cotton development specialist also is available to discuss agronomic options.

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