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PhytoGen Breeding Traits Help Protect Yields Against Unplanned Diseases, Pests

Some in-season management options are available for pests such as RKN, but PhytoGen Breeding Traits™ provide season-long protection without the added time or cost of crop protection applications. Read more

California Grower Relies on Technology and PhytoGen to Thrive

California cotton grower Geoff Toledo says PhytoGen® brand Pima and Acala cottonseed is a good fit for his region with excellent yield and fiber quality. Read more

SUPER BOLLS: New Varieties bring high yields for Fresno County grower

Firebaugh grower Sean Howard goes “all-in” with new PhytoGen varieties on his farm in 2016 with great results. Read more

TECH BULLETIN: Identify Race 4 FOV and mitigate impact with highly-tolerant varieties

Scout fields and plant varieties with Race 4 FOV tolerance to protect yield and fiber quality. Read more

TECH BULLETIN: Defoliation techniques and timing maximize cotton yield and quality

PhytoGen explains how the TEAM approach to cotton defoliation — Timing, Environment, Application and Materials — delivers effective, efficient results Read more