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TECH BULLETIN: Managing Nematodes with PhytoGen Breeding Traits

Learn how to spot nematodes, limit their damage and manage these soilborne roundworms in your fields and prevent the disease causing defoliation and boll rot Read more

Using the Enlist Weed Control System in an Integrated Program

What are the recommendations for a weed control program with the Enlist weed control system that include Enlist Duo® herbicide? Watch now

VIDEO: Learn how PhytoGen Enlist™ cotton improves weed control with three herbicide tolerances

Customer Technical Specialist and former Enlist™ Field Sales Leader Jonathan Siebert, Ph.D., explains how the breakthrough technology of Enlist can help growers manage and prevent weed resistance. Watch now

TECH BULLETIN: PhytoGen® brand varieties produce cotton that resists bacterial blight

The Enlist™ cotton trait and WideStrike® 3 Insect Protection help with yield potential by providing resistance to the disease causing defoliation and boll rot Read more