PhytoGen® cotton produced the highest yields Alabama grower Nick McMichen ever had. And the word has circulated among cotton buyers.

“True Acala-type quality can be grown in the Southeastern U.S. — nothing else can touch it.”

PhytoGen performance in McMichen’s test plot “started blowing things away,” he says. So he increased his PhytoGen acres and in 2015, PhytoGen brand variety PHY 444 WRF yielded 2,040 lb./A with a 5-cent premium in the USDA loan.

“PHY 444 WRF, by far, is the highest-yielding variety that we’ve ever planted. It picked 4 bales to the acre the first year. We’d never had that happen before,” McMichen says. “And it has outstanding fiber quality.”

And in 2016, his harvest showed PHY 444 WRF averaging 1,960 lb./A and 3-to-4-cent premiums.

“Good cotton always has a home,” McMichen says. “When the cotton buyers hear we have PHY 444 WRF, that raises a flag and they are interested.”