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Expert Insight

Advanced traits from PhytoGen offer more to help cotton thrive

Growers get more and better in-plant, native trait protection with PhytoGen® brand varieties. Fight bacterial blight, root-knot nematodes and verticillium wilt.

PhytoGen gives growers numerous options to battle bacterial blight, root-knot nematodes (RKN) and verticillium wilt. Packages available nationwide provide more and better in-plant, native trait protection to help optimize yield and protect quality.

PhytoGen offers 12 varieties packaged with bacterial blight resistance, 10 that have some level of verticillium wilt tolerance and two varieties with RKN resistance. And growers needing tolerance to Fusarium Race 4 will find it in Pima varieties from PhytoGen.

Plus, PhytoGen researchers continue working on additional protection to the diseases that plague cotton growers, says John Pellow, global cotton breeding leader at Dow AgroSciences. Soon, PhytoGen® brand varieties will contain multiple naturally occurring traits to guard against several soilborne and foliar diseases, as well as better tolerate environmental stresses.

“For example, starting with new releases in 2018, many more PhytoGen brand varieties will carry both RKN genes, providing better tolerance to RKN pressure,” Pellow says.

Now with the latest technology

- All new PhytoGen brand varieties contain WideStrike® Insect Protection — the first three-gene insect trait technology. Get improved protection against cotton bollworm.

- Eliminate tough-to-control and resistant weeds with PhytoGen cottonseed with the Enlist™ cotton trait. It provides tolerance to Enlist Duo® herbicide — a combination of new 2,4-D choline and glyphosate — as well as to glufosinate.

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